Boat wraps are a great way to make your rig eye-catching and fun without breaking the bank. It’s cheaper to wrap your boat than to paint it, and vinyl wraps can add an extra layer of protection against the whims of the weather.

With a boat wrap, you can display any image or design on your boat. Whether you like camouflage, have a weak spot for blue flames, or want to add your business logo, vinyl wrap technology and professional installation mean your high resolution image will last for years to come.

If you can transport your boat on land, you can get a boat wrap from any of our providers. Keep in mind that where you store your boat and whether it is exposed to salt water will determine how long your boat wrap lasts and which techniques we can use to improve its longevity. If you request a quote, we can also advise you on what type of wrap best suits the way you use and store your boat.

Personal Boat WrapsBoat WrapsWhen it comes to personalization and detail, boat wraps can’t be beaten. Whether you use your boat every weekend or just every now and then, we can help you choose and install a design that makes you proud to own your boat. Make every fishing trip or water sports foray something to remember for your friends and family with a custom boat wrap.
Tournament Boat WrapsBoat WrapsWhether you’re out catching the biggest fish or skiing for the gold, you can do so in style with a custom boat wrap design. Choose a boat wrap that puts you in the mood to grab first place every time.
Tourism Boat WrapsBoat WrapsIf you rent boats to the public, offer tours, or sell water sports experiences, having boats that look amazing will only help your business. Choose flashy designs or full boat advertisements to reel in customers. If you have a fleet, it’s simple for us to create a matching set of boat wraps to meet your needs.


Pricing information

If you have a fleet, all boat wraps priced below can be easily replicated and installed. Prices quoted are per boat.

Boat Wrap Decal Kit Partial Boat Wrap Full Boat Wrap
Please Call For Info Please Call For Info Please Call For Info
Included in service… Included in service… Included in service…
Customizable design Custom design Custom design
One large vinyl decal Greater size and boat coverage Complete boat coverage
Easy self-installation Professional installation Professional installation
Lasts 5-7 years Improved brand awareness Highest brand awareness
Lasts 5-7 years Lasts 5-7 years

FAQ section

How long will my boat wrap last?
Your boat wrap can last from five to seven years. Taking care of your boat wrap will ensure its longevity. Salinity and storage conditions will affect how long your boat wrap lasts, so it’s important to consult with your provider regarding the best strategy for your boat.

How should I care for my boat wrap?
Please consult your wrap provider for information specific to your boat.

Can a boat wrap damage my paint?
We guarantee that our wraps will not damage your paint; in fact, by protecting your paint from UV damage and scratches, a boat wrap will extend the life of your paint job.

What should I do if the wrap is damaged?
You should bring in your boat so we can assess the extent of the damage. In many cases, it is possible for us to replace a small section of the wrap. In the worst case scenario, we will have to replace the wrap completely.

Do you provide customized boat wraps?
It’s our specialty! We create and install the boat wraps to fit your boat size exactly. You can also have us create a custom design for your boat. For details regarding your specific boat, please request a custom quote.

Why Nationwide Wraps?

We only pair you with boat wrap designers and installers that have…

  • Significant industry experience
  • Solid warranties and quality guarantees
  • Award-winning design teams and installers
  • Portfolios that prove commitment to excellence
  • Competitive pricing

Our users have overwhelmingly positive experiences with these providers. If you prove to be an exception, please let us know immediately as we value your input.

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