Car wraps are a cost-effective way to advertise for your company or show off your style on the streets. Made of vinyl, car wraps protect your car and provide an easy solution for enhancing its appearance.

Car Wraps – For Businesses

Whether you’re a small business owner with a handful of employees or an owner who oversees hundreds of workers, you can successfully incorporate car wraps into your advertising strategy.

Since 95% of Americans (according to the OAAA) are exposed to outdoor signs and car advertisements, wrapping your car(s) can have a significant impact on your business’ visibility. Your viewers are all the regular people who drive to work, run errands, or even bike or walk near roads. Whether you provide plumbing services or own a bakery, some of them will need or want what you have to offer.

Installing well-placed, colorful-but-legible advertisements on your car will help you reach all those travelers on a regular basis.

Car Wraps – For Pleasure

Car wraps can help you enhance an already beautiful car or liven up a vehicle that’s starting to look drab. You can do everything from change the color to have a custom design installed on your car. Some companies even offer shade-shifting car wraps that cause your car to change color from different angles.

If you want to learn more about basic car wrap options, read this article explaining what vinyl wrap can do and how you can restyle your car.

Personal Car WrapsCar WrapsInstall a fresh color without the hassle or expense of repainting, get a custom design to make your car boss of the road, or select a wrap that highlights the contours of your muscle car. How good your car can look is only limited by our imagination – and we’ve come up with some amazing designs.
Small Business Car WrapsCar WrapsLeverage your own driving habits and business travel with specially designed decals or larger car wrap advertisements. You can use your own logo and graphics, or work with design experts to create visuals that suit your business needs. You can even offer a special promotion for new customers who read the ad on your car.
Corporate Fleet Car WrapsCar WrapsFew advertisements are as powerful as a unified fleet of cars, vans, or other vehicles from the same company. By choosing an effective message and design, you can reach millions of customers and project authority through your fleet. The more your employees travel and interact with customers, the better your system will be.

Pricing information

If you have a fleet, all car wraps priced below can be easily replicated and installed. Prices quoted are per car.

Car Wrap Decal Kit Partial Car Wrap Full Car Wrap
Starting at $350 Starting at $850 Starting at $2150
Included in service… Included in service… Included in service…
Customizable design Custom design Custom design
One large vinyl decal Greater size and car coverage Complete car coverage
Easy self-installation Professional installation Professional installation
Lasts 5-7 years Improved brand awareness Highest brand awareness
Lasts 5-7 years Lasts 5-7 years

FAQ section

How long will my car wrap last?
Your car wrap can last from five to seven years. Taking care of your car wrap will ensure its longevity.

How should I care for my car wrap?
In most cases, gently washing the wrap with a mild detergent and water is best. If you want to wax the car, make sure that the wax is safe for car wraps.

Can a car wrap damage my paint?
We guarantee that our wraps will not damage your paint; in fact, by protecting your paint from UV damage and scratches, a car wrap will extend the life of your paint job.

What should I do if the wrap is damaged?
You should bring in your car so we can assess the extent of the damage. In many cases, it is possible for us to replace a small section of the wrap. In the worst case scenario, we will have to replace the wrap completely.

Do you provide customized car wraps?
It’s our specialty! We create and install the car wraps to fit your vehicle exactly. You can also have us create a custom design for your car. For details regarding your specific car, please request a custom quote.

Why Nationwide Wraps?

We only pair you with car wrap designers and installers that have…

  • Significant industry experience
  • Solid warranties and quality guarantees
  • Award-winning design teams and installers
  • Portfolios that prove commitment to excellence
  • Competitive pricing

Our users have overwhelmingly positive experiences with these providers. If you prove to be an exception, please let us know immediately as we value your input.

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