Van wraps are a tempting option if you are looking for a cost effective way to market your business. Whether you have one van or many, van wraps offer a durable, easily maintainable advertising platform.

Due to their large surface area, vans are in many ways an ideal vehicle for mobile, outdoor advertising. You can wrap the side of the van, add a decal to the van, or wrap the entire van as needed to optimize your advertisement.

Van wraps are cost effective because of their longevity and because of the large ad audience. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 95% of the people living in America are exposed to outdoor advertisements. By placing promotional graphics on your van, you can tap into the millions of people who commute to work, run errands, or even just walk or bike in urban areas.

Fortunately, van wraps also protect your vehicle from UV damage and scratches. As long as you care for your van wraps, they can last up to seven years before replacement is necessary. Therefore, working with designers to make a van wrap that is visually appealing and easy to understand is an important to your advertisement’s long term success.

Contact us for a quote if you want to convert regular travelers into loyal customers by installing a van wrap!

Promotional Van Wrapsvan WrapsA successful strategy other business owners have used is to place an exclusive offer on their van wrap. People who see the wrap will respond to that offer, giving you a way to track conversions and engage new customers.
Small Business Van Wrapsvan WrapsThere are few better ways to increase awareness of your business in the community than by wrapping your van! Unmarked vans can make cautious passers-by nervous; by adding graphics that demonstrate who you are and what you do, you can make them feel safer and garner support for your brand.
Corporate Fleet Van WrapsFleet Van WrapsIf your company has a fleet of vans, you can leverage their mileage and visibility with powerful ads and graphics. Van wraps send a message of unity and authority to viewers, so your company will be recognized and taken seriously in the community.


Pricing information

If you have a fleet, all van wraps priced below can be easily replicated and installed. Prices quoted are per van.

Van Wrap Decal Kit Partial Van Wrap Full Van Wrap
Starting at $850 Starting at $1500 Starting at $2900
Included in service… Included in service… Included in service…
Customizable design Custom design Custom design
One large vinyl decal Greater size and vehicle coverage Complete van coverage
Easy self-installation Professional installation Professional installation
Lasts 5-7 years Improved brand awareness Highest brand awareness
Lasts 5-7 years Lasts 5-7 years

FAQ section

How long will my van wrap last?
Your van wrap can last from five to seven years. Taking care of your van wrap will ensure its longevity.

How should I care for my van wrap?
In most cases, gently washing the wrap with a mild detergent and water is best. If you want to wax the van, make sure that the wax is safe for van wraps.

Can a van wrap damage my paint?
We guarantee that our wraps will not damage your paint; in fact, by protecting your paint from UV damage and scratches, a van wrap will extend the life of your paint job.

What should I do if the wrap is damaged?
You should bring in your van so we can assess the extent of the damage. In many cases, it is possible for us to replace a small section of the wrap. In the worst case scenario, we will have to replace the wrap completely.

Do you provide customized van wraps?
It’s our specialty! We create and install the van wraps to fit your van exactly. You can also have us create a custom design for your van. For details regarding your specific van, please request a custom quote.

Why Nationwide Wraps?

We only pair you with van wrap designers and installers that have…

  • Significant industry experience
  • Solid warranties and quality guarantees
  • Award-winning design teams and installers
  • Portfolios that prove commitment to excellence
  • Competitive pricing

Our users have overwhelmingly positive experiences with these providers. If you prove to be an exception, please let us know immediately as we value your input.

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