Truck wraps give you the visibility you desire, be it to drum up business or show off your powerful ride on the road. Truck wraps protect the underlying coat of paint and offer the ability to display any color or advertisement you want. Their ease of installation and maintenance make enhancing your truck’s appearance a breeze.

Truck Wraps – For Businesses

If you own a truck and a business, you can take advantage of truck wraps as part of a successful advertising strategy.

The OAAA, or the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, found that 95% of Americans see outdoor advertisements. A truck wrap offers exposure to customers who might not otherwise learn about your brand and services. Simply by driving, you can display your truck wrap to the everyday people who drive to work, run to the store, walk in an urban setting, or bike through the city. Since truck wraps can last up to seven years, your design will be seen by millions of people.

Truck wrap installers can fine tune your ad design to make sure that it is easily readable and well positioned on your truck to maximize your chances of getting new customers.

Truck Wraps – For Pleasure

Truck wraps can maximize the joy you take in driving and owning your truck by enhancing its best features. Choose finishes that highlight and contour while selecting your favorite colors. You can install any graphics you like – from beach themes to flames – in high definition. If you like avant-garde technology, you can even install shade-shifting colors.

Read this article for more information about vinyl wrap and how you can use it to transform your ride.

Personal Truck WrapsTruck WrapsGet a new look without paying for a pricey new paint job, grab a design customized for your truck, or pick a finish that makes your truck look even more amazing. Your truck wrap can be as small or large as you like.
Small Business Truck WrapsTruck WrapsGet exposure among locals and take advantage of a resource you already own: your truck! Find success by offering a special promotion to people who view your truck wrap.
Corporate Fleet Truck WrapsTruck WrapsNothing grabs attention quite like an army of trucks with the same exciting, clear design. You can get the attention of as many as 75,000 people per day, per truck!


Pricing information

If you have a fleet, all truck wraps priced below can be easily replicated and installed. Prices quoted are per truck.

Truck Wrap Decal Kit Partial Truck Wrap Full Truck Wrap
Starting at $350 Starting at $850 Starting at $2150
Included in service… Included in service… Included in service…
Customizable design Custom design Custom design
One large vinyl decal Greater size and truck coverage Complete truck coverage
Easy self-installation Professional installation Professional installation
Lasts 5-7 years Improved brand awareness Highest brand awareness
Lasts 5-7 years Lasts 5-7 years

FAQ section

How long will my truck wrap last?
Your truck wrap can last from five to seven years. Taking care of your truck wrap will ensure its longevity.

How should I care for my truck wrap?
In most cases, gently washing the wrap with a mild detergent and water is best. If you want to wax the truck, make sure that the wax is safe for truck wraps.

Can a truck wrap damage my paint?
We guarantee that our wraps will not damage your paint; in fact, by protecting your paint from UV damage and scratches, a truck wrap will extend the life of your paint job.

What should I do if the wrap is damaged?
You should bring in your truck so we can assess the extent of the damage. In many cases, it is possible for us to replace a small section of the wrap. In the worst case scenario, we will have to replace the wrap completely.

Do you provide customized truck wraps?
It’s our specialty! We create and install the truck wraps to fit your vehicle exactly. You can also have us create a custom design for your truck. For details regarding your specific truck, please request a custom quote.

Why Nationwide Wraps?

We only pair you with truck wrap designers and installers that have…

  • Significant industry experience
  • Solid warranties and quality guarantees
  • Award-winning design teams and installers
  • Portfolios that prove commitment to excellence
  • Competitive pricing

Our users have overwhelmingly positive experiences with these providers. If you prove to be an exception, please let us know immediately as we value your input.

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